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Home Financing Concept

Buying an entire property is no joke. It takes careful consideration in choosing the best real estate deals for your needs. It helps, though, to work with industry experts such as Dream Homes By Jen. After all, nothing beats having a house you can call your own. It is also one of the most important …

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Foreclosed suburban home

“Have my own home or property.” This is probably one of the most common aspirations people include in their bucket list. For people who are planning to start and grow their families, owning a dream home would make the perfect nest for creating many happy memories. However, new developments can be expensive, making property foreclosures …

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couple house hunting outside a large house

Before going house hunting, you have probably heard lots of smart tricks already: visit the property at different times of the day, take note of first impressions and red flags, snap lots of pictures, rate the house. If you think this is enough to land you the perfect home, you might need to reconsider. More …

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An Investment That Makes Sense

With the world starting to recover from the Great Recession of 2008, many people are coming out of their shells and seeking out new investments for the new decade. While playing the stock market is always fun, it’s not always the most reliable. Investing in tech companies is also a new trend, but with the …

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Why Some Houses are Harder to Sell

It happens to everyone: your house is in the market, you’ve laid out cheese and crackers for the open house, you’ve sent out the flyers. The first day goes by and…nothing. Not a single interested buyer or a serious purchase offer. “Difficult Houses” are what realtors call properties that they’re having trouble selling. There are …

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City Life vs. Suburbia

People moving to a new community are often confronted by this question: is it better to live in the city or in the suburbs? Naturally, both options have their advantages. Although city life can be hectic and suburban life can be boring, both places have wonderful opportunities that can appeal to all types of people, …

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Rental Agreement

Owning a rental property in Ontario can be a safe investment. The province has seen low vacancy rates in different markets even if the supply of apartment has increased, highlighting the strong demand for affordable housing. Although it’s a good time to be a landlord these days, there’s one challenge that can affect the profitability …

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a living room

Sometimes, home buyers get that gut feeling that they’ve already found the right one. They will bring the money to the table almost immediately. In other instances, though, some are hesitant to trust their instinct. After all, emotions can be deceiving sometimes. One moment, someone’s utterly in love with every part of the condo, but …

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