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Miami florida skyline

If you are planning to buy a house in Miami, it might be better to look in other parts of South Florida. Median prices in the city have climbed to around $337,000 as of January. Home values are expected to increase further this year, although at a slower pace. Homebuyers should also be aware of …

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new apartment property

No two properties are the same—each property has unique features that make it exceptional from other properties on the market. It is essential that a property owner knows how to make the unique features of property stand out and attract new clients. Highlighting these features in the right way will increase your chances of having …

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condo in afternoon with sun set

With the high costs of buying a house and lot, many people are considering condos as better options for their long-term residences. Most of the joy that comes from living in a condo lies in what the city around it can offer. So, why should you consider a condo for sale in Manila? That’s because there …

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Real Estate Investment

Although there are a plethora of people who have benefited a lot from real estate, like any other business, there are many risks involved. Moreover, real estate investments require considerable amounts of capital, which is the main reason why one has to be vigilant when getting into the industry. Proper planning is crucial before investing …

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City in the Philippines at night

Cebu is one of the most progressive and cities in the country with its economy growing steadily. Some of the biggest contributors to this growth include tourism, information technology business processing outsourcing, and construction. According to Stanley Go, president of the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the economic forecast remains the same for 2019 …

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Condominium beside a river

Condominium living can be very exciting. You don’t spend as much as you would with an actual house and lot, and you’re usually situated in the middle of where all the excitement is. Of course, all of that depends entirely on where you decide to get a condo. After all, there are some developments that …

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Condo building shot from the bottom

Living in a condominium has become popular these days, given the busy lives of numerous people. Choosing to live in a condo unit indeed has a lot of advantages, but some people are still hesitant about it. Would you like to live in a condo as well? Are you among those who have doubts about …

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Woman planning to borrow money

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is one of the things that can make your home loan in Victoria extra expensive. This one-off fee serves as a penalty when you produce a deposit worth less than 20% of the property value. LMI protects your lender in case you default on your mortgage. Buying one of the master-planned …

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Residential houses in the town

Small-town living – you’ve seen it in movies, read it in books, heard it in songs. Middle-of-nowhere America, a population of a few thousand, slow life, and most importantly, everybody knows everybody – at least, that’s how pop culture often depicts small towns. When you’re raising a kid, you cannot afford to make big mistakes, …

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